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建设过程 Building Process <1>


租下一个纳西庭院,聘请了当地工程队,自己筹资,设计出图纸、选料、施工、装修,改建,全程我们负责监理, 亲自订购所有建筑装修材料及室内配套用品。


We rented a Naxi Courtyard, hired a local engineering team and collected money by ourselves. We were responsible for supervising the design drawings, material selection, construction, decoration, reconstruction and other processes. We also ordered all the building and decorative materials and indoor supporting supplies.

Design principles: We try our best to keep the building fa?ade for traditional style of Naxi courtyard as much as possible and seek the simple, tidy and easy-to-use indoor decoration. Most of our building materials are collected from reclaim used material and local environmental-friendly materials. Furniture, bedding articles, toilet products and other interior supplies are domestic well-known brands.

2006 年秋,新落成的如意坊开始接待客人。


In the autumn of 2006, the newly-built RUYIFANG started to receive guests and visitors.

The RUYIFANG is our home. We put RUYIFANG in a position of non-profitable private village lounge. Our purpose is not making profit so we don't serve outsiders. All visitors are our relatives and friends coming from China and other countries all over the world. Most of them are very successful in their business and territory.



The residence we reconstructed is an old Naxi house with over one hundred year history and the large garden is very comfortable. The main building is towards the East and there is a new three-floor building at the back.



In the south, there is a old tile-roofed house made from adobe. Its main purpose is to raise cattle and horses and keep farm implements, firewood and miscellaneous things.



Front Side of Old Tile-roofed House.


2006 年 4 月动工,老房全部拆除。

The demolishment of the old house was started from April, 2006.



We were responsible for supervising the whole process. Here, workers were drilling a well.



Courtyard under Construction.



The reconstruction of the new three-floor building included the pavements of roof tiles, floor slabs, partitions, etc. What counted the most was the construction of toilets.



It is a barrier for us to build toilets in wooden rooms because of water and leak-proof construction.



The workers were making the roof of the front door. We required them to keep the facade of the building as its old Naxi style.


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