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兴趣和理想 Hobbies and Ideal <3>



2009 年加拿大美国之行,专程前往阳光灿烂的夏威夷。

In the early summer of 2009, we began the trip of Canada & America . The first stop was sunny Hawaii .



We two rented a small jet to fly over the volcano. Heavily billowing smoke along with hot lava was running out of the crater. We then flew around the Big Island.


加拿大温哥华。落基山冰原、班芙国家公园的景色、维多利亚的奇花异草、蓝色海湾 ……. 心中留下永远的思恋。

Vancouver , Canada . There will be always a place in our heart to miss and remember the beautiful view of Ice fields in Rocky Mountains and Banff National Park , exotic flowers and herbs of Victoria , and Blue Bay …



The Border of Canada and USA.



Rent a car in Las Vegas and drove straight to the Grand Canyon , one of world wonders.



Yellowstone National Park



White clouds, blue sky, green grass, and clear running Yellow Stone River made up picturesque scenery.



Redwood , California USA. To our surprise, it can let a vehicle passing through.


来到有 2000 年历史的古罗马斗兽场 。 2010 年 5 — 6 月欧洲行。

We came to the Rome Colosseum which had two thousand years history.Our European trip started from May to Jun 2010.


著名的世界艺术之都 Florence , Pisa 奇迹广场。

Pisa Miracle Square , Florence ( A famous capital of arts in the world)


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