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兴趣和理想 Hobbies and Ideal <1>


除了工作外,我们的兴趣爱好广泛,看书、上网、户外活动、自驾、烹调、宠物、交友、摄影、旅游 …… 多年来走过中国许多名山大川,到过世界多个国家,那里的历史文化风景美食、风土人情令人留恋。最令人印象深刻的还有世界各地我们所住过的风格独特的各种家庭旅馆。

Besides work, we have lots of hobbies, including reading, surfing the Internet, enjoying outdoor activities, self-driving, cooking delicious food, raising pets, making friends, photographing, traveling and etc. Over these years, we have visited lots of well-known mountains and rivers in China and many other countries where the history, culture, scenery, foods, local conditions and customs make us reluctant to leave. The most impressive thing to us is the family inns with different special styles where we have stayed over the world.


在2005年春天,我们到英国旅行。自驾车绕英伦大地走了一圈,花了近 30 天。

In the spring of 2005, we took a road trip in UK for about 30 days.



We enjoyed it. London



Driving is one of our hobbies, and what we need to do every night is to check maps. We like staying at family inns. In there, we can deeply understand the local culture and history as well as local conditions and customs.


2004 年到巴西里约,此时中国已入秋,南美正是初夏。

In 2004, we visited Rio ( Brazil ). Rio is still in early summer when China has been in autumn.



World Cultural Heritage - Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu at Peru.



Iguazu Falls at the Border of Brazil and Argentina


2007 年澳洲和新西兰。我们从香港飞澳洲凯恩斯,沿黄金海岸到悉尼,飞新西兰奥尔兰,最后从基督城返香港。

In 2007, we visited Australia and New Zealand . We flew to Cairns ( Australia ) from Hongkong, travelled along the Gold Coast to Sydney ( Australia ), and then flew to Auckland ( New Zealand ). In the last, we returned to HongKong from Christchurch .


新西兰首都奥克兰。我们每次出行约 30 天—— 40 天,随心随意开车游走,轻松愉快。

Auckland (the capital city of New Zealand ). We usually schedule 30~40 days for every road trip. With plenty of time, we can just follow our heart to drive with great joy and fun.


从新西兰北岛开车到南岛的米佛海峡,领教到世界唯一的高山鹦鹉 “食羊鹦鹉” kea 的厉害 。 看到它那长而尖利可怕的嘴和爪子,我们也和众人一样,惊恐扑向车厢紧闭门窗,大踩油门逃之夭夭。

We drove from North Island to South Island to visit our destination Milford Sound, where we experienced the fierceness of Kea (A kind of carnivorous parrot). Same as other travelers, we jumped into the carriage, closed the doors and windows and stepped on the accelerator to escape when seeing Kea's long and sharp mouth and claws.


通过镜头留下美好的回忆—— 2007 年马来西亚兰卡威之行。

In 2007, we visited Langkawi ( Malaysia ) where lots of good memories were left.


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