设施与服务 Facilities and Services


改建后的如意坊共有三栋楼房,新建 1 号楼三层共 13 个标间, 2 个豪华套间,新建 2 号楼二层共 4 个标间 2 个房间,主楼是有 60 多年的老房,二楼改作自用卧室工作室,一楼为宾客公共活动区。

合计住房面积约 550 平方米 ,公用活动区 200 平方米 ,厨房天井等 25 平方米 ,庭院花园约 150 平方米 。

The RUYIFANG consists of three buildings. New No. 1 building is equipped with 13 standard rooms and 2 deluxe suites; and new No.2 building is equipped with 4 standard rooms and 2 rooms; the main building is an old building with more than 60 years history. The second floor of the main building reconstructed as our bedroom and workroom, and the first floor as the public activity area for guests.

The housing area is about 550m 2 in total, with the public activity area of 200 m 2 , kitchen patio, etc. of 25m 2 and courtyard garden of about 150m 2 .


•  住宿

•  早餐

•  上网

•  旅游安排

•  自助洗衣

•  娱乐活动

•  交通安排

•  美食购物介绍

Service provides:

1. Accommodation

2. Breakfast

3. Internet (WIFI)

4. Tour Guide

5. Self-Laundry

6. Entertainment

7. Transportation Scheduling

8. Introduction of Foods and Shopping


新建成的三层楼 Newly-Constructed Three-floor Building


The new main building is equipped with a courtyard paved by Naxi traditional stone flooring.



The new second floor is equipped with a housing warehouse and a dormitory for workers.



Third-floor Suite



Second-floor Suite



Third-floor Standard Rooms



Environment-friendly Materials Selected for Building



The bedding, luminaries, cups, towels, etc. are bought in Guangdong and are famous brands.



Stepping on the stairs to the third floor, the aisle are totally covered with carpets in order to reduce noise. Guests in all the rooms can access WIFI and watch satellite television.


卫生间一角,每房配电热水器, 24 小时供应热水。

Each toilet is equipped with an electric water heater to ensure 24-hours hot water supplement.


大厅吧台。是我们自行设计,利用拆除老房旧料所制作。 大厅设有阅览架 , 多种书报杂志自由取阅。

Bar Counter in Hall. It is designed by ourselves and made of used wooden materials. We set some reading frames available for guests to read varieties of books and magazines.


大厅。可以满足多人就餐(早餐),备有各种名茶咖啡,免费品尝。 可以唱卡拉 0K 、看 DVD 、打牌 ……

Hall. Guests can have dinner (breakfast) here, with different kind of famous teas and coffee supplied for free. The hall is also available for guests to sing karaoke, watch DVD, and play cards…



The place where had been a kitchen is an area for drinking teas, chatting and entertainment now.



Clean and sanitary Kitchen



Guests can take a walk on the corridors in rainy days. We put some antique furniture for guests to take a rest.



This young lady wearing Naxi traditional clothing is our waitress of Ruyifang.




To build and manage the village club is a totally new career we are going to try. After many years' working practice, we have generally gathered lots of experiences. The RUYIFANG is a gathering place for old and new friends. Because the guests have different needs, we not only need provide safe and comfortable accommodation and relaxed environment, but also recommend spots, properly arrange the schedules according to the situation of each guest(age, body condition, timing, interest, economic capability, etc.). This is very important for both guests and us. We will make efforts to design the best special trip plans for each guest.


Do what we like and have a new and different life. - This is what we pursue.Feeling at home, make friends satisfied. - This is our service tenet.


“Lodging in the picturesque RUYIFANG with tea, sceneries and the overall world highly praised” – open the door to welcome guests



The Home We Built by ourselves – the RUYIFANG


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